GCRC Crews Glasgow Cup & Castle to Crane

Castle to Crane

Women’s Open

Doleen Cunningham
Kate Borland
Fran Tobin
Eve Strickland
Fiona Macleod (cox)

Mixed Open

Ana Rotmistrovsky
Ross Paterson
Sophie Kostin
Karena Hansen
Bob Beetham (cox)

Glasgow Cup

Women’s Open 10:30

Emma O’Hare
Sally Semple
Kim Stephens
Fiona MacLeod
Cox Shona Henderson

Men’s Open 11:10

Ben Wilde
Michael Stratigos
Ross Paterson
Bob Beetham
Cox Fiona

Mixed Open 11:50

Ben Wilde
Aileen Whytock
Sophie Kostin
Ewan Strachan
Cox Ian Watson

Women’s 45+ 12:30

Emma O’Hare
Sally Semple
MarieClaire McGuinness
Susie Taylor
Cox Sophie Kostin

Men’s 45+ 13:10

Ian Watson
Ross Paterson
Bob Beetham
Ewan Strachan
Cox Sally Semple

Mixed 45+ 14:30

Shona Henderson
Sophie Kostin
Ewan Strachan
Ross Paterson
Cox Ian Watson

Note: rowing positions to be decided

There will be a break at 14:00 for the launch of Galgael’s new West Coast Skiff

4 thoughts on “GCRC Crews Glasgow Cup & Castle to Crane

    1. Men’s Open place has been taken but I’ve put you in the Men’s 45+. You’re in the Mixed Open which goes right after Men’s 45+ – are you OK with two races back to back?


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