Our booking system serves a number of purposes:

  1. Skiff availability. It shows when the skiffs have been booked and by which skipper. The skipper’s name must always appear in the title of the session (except open club meetings).
  2. A record of our activity. Very useful supporting information for grant applications. Please do not delete cancelled sessions: they are part of of record of activity.
  3. Type of session. Sessions should state clearly what kind of session is planned, e.g. level of experience required, open to members or non-members, social row.
  4. Openness and transparency
    • Sessions should normally be open to all members and the waiting list enabled
    • There are occasions when it is necessary or desirable to make a session closed, for example:
      • A crew training for an event. In the title enter: crew training session.
      • Visitors from other clubs / friends & family. If a skipper is willing and able he/she should set up a session and either open up additional spaces to all members or enlist the help of specific club members.
      • Fundraising events. We have helped an artist and rock band with river based activities in return for a fee. Such proposals are assessed by the committee.  Club members are always made aware and invited to participate if practical.

In all cases each crew member must be registered by name in the Evenbrite booking system. This is important both for openness and transparency but also for safety: in the event of an incident it is important to have a record of who is in charge and who is in the skiff(s).

Skippers are requested not book on another skipper’s session. Much better to set up a parallel session and get both skiffs on the water. If a session is underscribed then contact the skipper and offer to make up the numbers.

Remember that as a skipper you are guaranteed a row as you can nominate a crew member to cox.  If you book a crew space the skipper may request that you cox and you might not get to row.

Rules for Organising Rowing Sessions

  • Enter the session on our Eventbrite booking system
  • Put the name of the Skipper and type of session in the event title
  • Describe the session:
    • Who is eligible: members, non-members, closed crew training session
    • Suitability: novice, experienced, open to all, not suitable for …
    • Type: training, endurance, social
    • Duration
  • Ensure the names of all crew members are listed on Eventbrite
  • Check the weather forecast to decide whether it is safe to row
  • Check sunset time: do not depart the pontoon within 2 hours of sunset
  • Check the state of the tide
  • Check the boat equipment before setting out
  • Report any damage or missing items to skippers@rowglasgow.org.uk.

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