Membership is open anyone aged 18 and over. You can have up to three free sessions before deciding if you’d like to join.

What does it cost?
One year (1 April – 31 March): £20 (three years: £50)
Concession: £10
(the ethos of coastal rowing is to offer membership affordable to all: if the full rate would be a stretch – eg unwaged or students – you can pay the concessionary rate)

How does it work?

The club relies totally on its own members to volunteer their time. Rowing sessions depend on coxes being available and willing to take charge of a session, which means we don’t have a schedule of regular outings. Sessions are advertised and bookable on our booking page.

Unlike joining a gym you will be expected to take an interest in how the skiffs are constructed and learn basic boat handling and manoeuvring skills. Not everyone will wish to be a cox but members will be encouraged to take control of the tiller to allow the cox to row for part of the session should s/he wish – coxes like to row too!

Read more about coxes and coxing