The regular Wednesday club nights have ceased until the evenings become light enough, probably late February. We’ll be rowing throughout Winter though

Rowing Schedule & booking

Bookable rowing sessions are organised and published on our booking page by our coxes who are ordinary members of the club. If there are no sessions showing that means no coxes are available. If you’d like to get out on the river more often why not become a cox?


All members are encouraged to participate in the club. As well and learning how to row and developing your technique you will be encouraged to learn basic boat handling and manoeuvring skills. The more members willing to take on coxing duties the more rowing sessions we can enjoy.

How to become a cox

You need to be confident and competent in handling the boat and managing crews with varying levels of experience. Read more

Cancellation policy

Rowing is crew activity. If you have to cancel please, out of courtesy towards fellow members, let the cox know as soon as possible.
The club reserves the right to suspend temporarily any member who persistently fails to turn up without notification.