Coxes authorised to take the boat out
  • Bob Beetham
  • Shona Henderson
  • Ewan Kennedy
  • Gordon McCracken
  • Fiona MacLeod
  • Sally Semple
  • Ewan Strachan
  • Eve Strickland
  • Ian Watson
  • Ben Wilde

Our coxes set up rowing sessions on our booking page.

What does the cox do?

The cox is in charge of the boat and is responsible for number of things including:

  • assessing whether the weather and tide conditions are suitable
  • assessing whether crew members are fit and able to row
  • taking the boat safely off and back onto the pontoon
  • giving clear instructions to the crew

Each cox will know his/her limits and s/he has absolute discretion in deciding if it’s safe to take to the water.  Please respect their decisions!

For more details of the cox’s duties have a look at the cox’s responsibilities.

How do I become a cox?

Once you have some experience of rowing and coxing we have a short test to make sure you can carry out these duties.

Cox training is open to any member who has reached a comfortable level of competency in rowing and in the boat generally.  To sign up for training please complete this form

The more coxes we have, the more rowing sessions we can enjoy!