Development Principles

The development principles derive from our objectives as set out in our Constitution

Member involvement

  • Develop a club ethos by encouraging members to contribute to club activities, operation and development
  • Promote high standards of technical competence and safety
  • Encourage members to develop their understanding of good practice in skiff handling and rivercraft
  • Ensure we have a sufficient number of Skippers willing and able to run rowing and coaching sessions.


Income from membership fees – set low to be affordable – will be supplemented by:

  • Grants for specific projects or equipment purchase (see Appendix 1).
  • Additional voluntary member contributions for specific projects eg clubhouse improvement
  • Sale of merchandise, eg club clothing, cards
  • Other fundraising ideas contributed by members, eg Tombola

Relationship with Clyde Maritime Trust

As owner/operator of Kelvin Harbour and our landlord, CMT is an important player in the club’s development. We will:

  • Encourage member participation in CMT volunteer programmes, including skiff building.
  • Work with CMT on developing pontoon facilities.
  • Ensure a cordial working relationship with CMT and other pontoon users.

Conservation & Nautical Heritage

  • Minimise the impact of our activities on the marine environment in accordance with SCRA Green Flag scheme
  • Regular tidy up of slip and pontoon
  • Leave No Trace (no-litter policy). Each member responsible for disposal of own litter

Equipment and Facilities

  • The club aims to provide access to the best possible equipment and ensure equipment is maintained and repaired as necessary
  • Plan maintenance of skiffs and ancillary equipment, based on regularly updated repair / fault log
  • All members bear responsibility for the care of equipment and reporting faults and defects
  • Priorities for acquisition of new equipment are set out in Appendix 2


  • The club will participate in regattas if a member – passionately enthusiastic about racing – is willing and able to act as Racing Co-ordinator
  • The club will run the Glasgow Cup regatta if a member is willing and able to act as organiser
  • The club will run events related to Clydeside heritage (eg the 2018 photo challenge). A co-ordinator will be required for each such event

Appendix 1 – Funding bodies and funding history

  1. Sports Council for Glasgow
    • Two grants of £500:
    • 2017 (oars)
    • 2018 (clubhouse improvement)
  2. Glasgow Area Partnerships
    • December 2018: £2893 ( (oars & trailer)
    • March 2019: £500 (power washer, paint)
  3. Glasgow Life
    • Not yet approached
  4. Heritage Lottery Fund
    • Not yet approached
  5. Developers of West of Kelvin River plot
    • Not yet approached

Appendix 2 – Equipment acquisition priorities

  1. Oars and rowing equipment
    • At least two good sets + spares for resilience and avoiding disruption to rowing. May be purchased or built by members working with Clyde Maritime Trust.
    • Oar storage racks on pontoon
    • Life vests (x6)
  2. Clubhouse renovation and improvement
    • Locked cabinet (for VHF radios)
  3. Tools and equipment
    • Handtools and power tools for wood and metal working

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