Maintaining the skiffs and equipment requires near-continuous time, effort and organisation.

We have several skilled members capable of assessing damage and scoping repair work, and we have lots of willing volunteers. 

To avoid responsibility falling on a single person we are setting up a Core Maintenance Team to triage the damage reports routinely logged by skippers and decide what needs to be done, how urgently and by whom.  

The Core Team would also actively monitor the condition of our equipment and schedule planned maintenance. 

What currently needs doing?

Recently we carried out an audit of work needing to be done on the skiffs and the barge and we also have a log of skiff maintenance since 2016

Who should be in the Core Maintenance Team?

Ideally the team would comprise 

  • Members with knowledge of and skills in woodworking and skiff maintenance 
  • Not-so-skilled members who can help organise and schedule  

How will it work?
We’ll set up a group email address (eg Mail sent to that address will be forwarded to all team members. Replies will be seen by all other team members so that they can discuss and agree actions.

Join the Core Maintenance Team

To join the core maintenance team please email 

You can leave at any time. The most important thing is to have a group of members willing and able to keep the club afloat.