5 thoughts on “Rowing resumes

  1. Hi,
    As you were not taking new novices I have started with another rowing club and now have 8 rows of one hour completed, including some online instruction. First coxing session in the next few weeks. Haven’t “caught a crab” since row 2 or 3.
    I’m 64 and reasonably fit although my C2 times are not what they were..
    Kind regards,
    Gerry Henderson.


  2. Thank you, Ian, for your prompt response. Apologies for my slow acknowledgement, need to pay more attention to my “junk” box..

    Gerry H.


  3. Hi, I had signed up and became a member just prior to Covid but had no opportunity to participate. I would very much like to understand how best I can learn and participate.


    1. Hello Robert
      I can see you joined our mailing list in October 2017 but I’m afraid I can’t find a record of you joining the club.

      If you’re keen to take part please have a look at our membership page https://rowglasgow.org.uk/join/ and fill in the membership form. As Covid infection rates are still quite high we’re not sure when we’ll be able to start coaching sessions for novices. Hopefully not too long.

      Best wishes
      Ian Watson
      Membership & Treasurer.


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