Skiff building project gets underway

Our joint skiff building project with Clyde Maritime Trust kicked off on 8 October 2018.

CMT has committed three days per week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) of boatbuilder Lachlan Cunningham’s time to work with and guide our volunteers. In return we are providing a core group of volunteers who can commit at least one full six-hour day per week (10am-4pm) to get some momentum going.

Initially the core group consists mainly of those who participated in the CMT workshops earlier this year and those who were able work on refurbishing of Gobhancroit and Lady Danger over the summer. As the project progresses and the core group builds up experience we hope and expect more members will wish to join in. Please let us know if you’d like to volunteer.

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate weekend or evening working, so apologies to those members those who would like to participate but are otherwise committed during the day. Remember there are many other ways you can participate in club activities (barge improvements, skiff cleaning etc). We’ll be publishing regular progress reports.

Core Group

Anne McDougal
Bob Beetham
Gordon McCracken
Ian Watson
Kate Borland
Lindsay Easton
Liza Downie
Mac McKechnie
Olive Burnside
Peter Kemp
Richie Edwards
Ross Paterson
Sally Nicholson
Tom Malone

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