Castle to Crane and racing

For those attracted to the competitive aspects of skiffing we now offer race training sessions. How will these sessions differ from our continuing mixed ability, club night and social skiffing sessions? They will be tiring and you should expect to:

  • row for up to 30 minutes at medium pace before a rest period
  • row at firm pressure / high rating for extended bursts
  • keep in time with the stroke throughout

Of course this won’t be for everyone, but if this appeals to you, sign up, bring water and true grit.
Some training sessions are open for booking but some members organise sessions among themselves. These are shown on the booking schedule for information. If you’re having trouble finding a session that suits do let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Crews for Castle to Crane

The club intends to enter two boats. Which classes we enter will be decided nearer the time and will depend on who, after taking part in race training sessions, present themselves as fit and willing to row.
Please note that, as is standard practice in the skiffie world, crew members are expected to share the costs of participating: entry fees, travel etc.

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